Car Parking

Stratton House Hotel car park is monitored by an independent car parking company on a permit basis, permits are FREE and are for customers and residents of the hotel.


Customers: Permits are issued virtually via an iPad located in the bar area; these permits are for customers who are using the bar, restaurant or conferencing facilities.

A permit needs to be issued for each visit to the car park, if you exit the car park and return you must re-issue another permit.
The system works using Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR) so will terminate any permits on exiting the car park.

Residents: Permits are issued upon check in at reception which will be issued until the departure date.

As the system is ANPR operated all number plates must be entered correctly, a typo could result in the permit being voided automatically. If a mistake is made, the number plate should be re-entered for another permit.

The entering and issuing of permits is the car owners responsibility, however, should assistance be required staff will be on hand to help.